Casa Maria Restaurant & Coffee bar

Specializing in Roman cuisine

Located in the heart of Rome in front of the famous Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and not far from Termini Central Station. The Restaurant overlooks the Basilica, one of the four main Papal Basilicas. Located in Monti District, on the top of the Esquilino hill, the only Basilica that kept the original paleochristian structure enriched with following additions.
While you are delighting your taste buds with our dishes, you can even delight your eyes enjoying the panorama of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore that will take your breathe away. All of which ensures an unforgettable experience every time you visit us. Our Restaurant is the perfect location for refined or romantic dinners, with high quality service that is sure to satisfy every customer. We are a landmark for all who want taste the original flavor of local cuisine. Delight your palate, smell the aroma of the fresh ingredients of the best quality and lose yourself in the simple but cherished atmosphere. Once you’ve made yourself at home we just have to wish you “Buon appetito!”

Our Philosophy

At Casa Maria, taste and simplicity come first. Two important elements with which we conquer the tastes of our clients begin with respecting the tradition of the typical Roman dishes. Inspired by the ancient mediterranean cuisine, every dish is prepared carefully and attentively.
For those unacquainted with Roman cuisine, it’s a simple cuisine but complex at the same time. All the dishes are savory and made mainly with water and flour, simple ingredients of humble means which are charateristic of Roman cuisine, an inheritance handed down to us from generations long passed.

You just have to come and visit us and let yourself be overwhelmed by our exquisite menu as if a short but intense trip to the past discovering the genuine flavors and culinary specialities of Roman traditions !

Our Dishes

After your first course of one of our typical Roman cuisines, complete your second course with one of the most famous meat dishes in Rome.